Maui Mehdi ~ By Maui Mobile Spa 
Specializing in Bridal Henna/Mehndi, Jagua, Glitter and Airbrush Temporary Tattoos Since 2010
Maui Mehndi by Maui Mobile Spa 
has been providing temporary tattoos
for weddings and events since 2010!
We specialize in temporary tattoos for all occasions!

   - Bridal Mehndi
   - Henna Tattoos
   - Jagua Tattoos
   - Glitter Tattoos
   - Air Brush Tattoos
   - Face & Body Paint
   - Hair Braids & Feather Extentsions
   - Hair Shave Designs
   - Project Graduation 
   - Luau's/Parties
   - Baby Showers
   - Custom Designs/Individual Appointments 
   - Or Just For Fun!



​Our Temporary Tattoos Are All Natural & Non-Toxic. 
We specialize in bridal mehndi for Maui weddings, as well as Polynesian/Hawaiian and customized designs. 

Thinking of getting a real tattoo? Why not "try it on" first?
We can create a temporary replica of your tattoo design, before you commit to the real thing!

​Temporary tattoos are SAFE for all ages, and FUN for all types of events!
Contact us today to learn more about our services.